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What are khettarras?

What are those mini volcanoes we see around the Palmeraie in Marrakech? No lava or water comes out of them. As a local proverb says « water follows air », Marrakech Insiders tells you everything about khettaras… [Read More]

Dar Kawa, by V. Barkowski, portrait of a passionate person

From time to time, we meet people that stand out and make us want to know more about Marrakech top 10, our city of adoption. You can be sure that every single person who has [Read More]

How about a glass of beldi tea ?

If you’ve been in Marrakech, you’ve surely had a « nuss nuss » (half coffee, half milk) or a traditional mint tea in one of those little glasses with an interesting geometrical shape. And you were surely [Read More]

About the Addi ou Addi Vila, can you keep a secret ?

We’ll just whisper it to you and will only talk about it once on this blog as this place is one of our favourite timeout Marrakech spots and nobody knows about it. It is in [Read More]