Ancient Walls of Marrakech

Walls have ears! Authentic Ancient Walls of Marrakech (1050 AD)

Ancient Walls of Marrakech

The Ancient Walls of Marrakech: A Legacy from 1050 AD to the Present

The Ancient Walls of Marrakech stand as silent witnesses to the city’s vibrant history, tracing back to 1050 AD
Journeying through Marrakech, amidst its labyrinthine markets and mesmerizing hues, one might easily overlook the looming walls of the Medina. These grand structures, however, are not merely a backdrop but central characters in the story of this ancient city.

The Almoravid Legacy: Foundations of a Metropolis

Constructed during the zenith of the Almoravid dynasty, the Ancient Walls of Marrakech stood as a boundary between the vast desert landscapes and a burgeoning metropolis. Spanning some 9 meters in height, these walls, far from just protective barriers, were emblematic of Marrakech’s resilience and grandeur.

Decoding the Holes in the Medina’s Walls

Marrakech Medina

Every visitor experiences the city surroundings, at some point, wonders about the curious holes that dot the walls. Far from being architectural errors or battle remnants, they reveal a story of ingenious construction. Before the invention of scaffolding, workers embedded long pieces of wood into the walls, forming rudimentary platforms. These wooden beams were later removed, and the resulting holes, initially blocked to thwart any invasions, remain today, a testament to bygone construction methods.

This detail, though seemingly trivial, frequently becomes a topic of intrigue. As travelers ponder their origins or mistake them for bullet holes, locals and informed travelers, thanks to insights from Marrakech Insiders, now have a captivating tale to tell.

From Defenders to Boundary Markers: The Medina’s Walls Today

While the Ancient Walls of Marrakech once shielded the city from invasions, they now serve a different purpose. Marking the boundary between the historic Medina and the modern city, they blend the past with the present seamlessly. And in the absence of any imminent invasions, the holes remain, aiding in scaffolding setups and creating unique ecosystems. As the day wanes, observe the flurry of birds seeking refuge within these holes, painting a serene picture against the backdrop of the setting sun

Beyond Walls: Global Events and Marrakech’s Continual Evolution

Annual Meetings: World Bank Events/ October 9-15, 2023

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The ancient walls of Marrakech have also witnessed global events unfolding nearby. A prime example being the 2023 World Bank Group – IMF Annual Meetings that took place right in front of Bab Ksiba, further attesting to Marrakech’s blend of ancient charm and modern relevance.

Conclusion: Walls That Speak Volumes

These walls, though silent, speak of Marrakech’s enduring spirit, its rich history, and its unwavering embrace of the future. To truly immerse yourself in the essence of Marrakech, walk alongside these walls, touch their time-worn surfaces, and listen to the tales they whisper.

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