Marrakech sidecar rides

5 Tips to Elevate Your Style on Marrakech Sidecar Rides

Discover how you can add a dash of style to your Marrakech sidecar rides with our top fashion accessories and tips. Follow this guide for an unforgettable, Instagram-worthy experience with Marrakech Insiders.

1. Elevate your look with a motorcycle jacket

A motorcycle jacket is a universal style enhancer, perfect for any outfit—whether it’s casual jeans and a t-shirt, a formal gown, or even workout clothes. While black leather is the classic go-to, don’t hesitate to experiment with colors, prints, and embellishments. Find your next fashion statement at Galerie Birkemeyer , la Place Vendôme in Gueliz, or a local leather shop in the Medina during your Marrakech Sidecar Rides.

2. Your Essential Marrakech Insiders Tote Bag

Every seasoned traveler understands the importance of a reliable tote bag. We’ve designed the perfect companion for your sidecar adventure—a tote with a unique Moroccan flair. Crafted from durable material, it’s perfect for carrying both essentials and luxuries. Purchase yours while booking your ride or simply ask us for details.

3. The Must-Have: Stylish Sunglasses

Morocco’s sun is relentless throughout the year, making sunglasses an indispensable accessory. Enjoy the shade as you cruise through Marrakech’s bustling streets. Plus, sunglasses save you the time and effort of applying eye makeup.

4. Classic Elegance: The Floating Headscarf

The headscarf has been immortalized by fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and is a mainstay on modern catwalks. For a touch of timeless grace during your vintage ride, consider a silk twill Hermès scarf. And for safety, choose a shorter length to avoid any potential hazards.

5. Complete Your Look on your Marrakech Sidecar Rides

Last but not least, protect yourself with a helmet—it’s not just a safety measure but also an accessory that can tie your whole look together. For an authentic throwback, consider leather goggles similar to those worn by American bikers in the ’60s.

By following these tips, you’re sure to make your Marrakech sidecar rides not only unforgettable but also incredibly stylish.

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