Meant to build a unique experience

Founded in October 2008 in Shanghai, China, Insiders Experience offers an off the beaten track experience of a destination with an insider, who is the friend of a friend you wished you had in a city you didn’t know. And it so happens we do this by vintage sidecar motorbike. Our goal is to turn you into a traveler, not a tourist as this is what makes travel worthwhile.

Hidden is better


What makes travel worth your time and money is the encounters you’ll make on the way. We’re a team made half of Moroccans and half of foreigners as we believe in the strength of diversity. We thrive at giving keys to understand better cultural differences in a fun way.

“Where to? I have no idea”
Let us show you Marrakech behind the scenes in a simple, authentic and fun way. The city has so much to offer if you allow yourself to get lost!

They are talking about us

Even the best medias tried Marrakech insiders.


Thomas Chabrieres

Born in the South of France, spent his life between Europe, Asia and Africa with a first career in advertising and an ongoing one in entrepreneurship. 

Thomas is a strong believer in the good power of travel. “When traders stop crossing borders, armies do”

Hi favorite country? The next one!

“I dread being a tourist, this feeling of not belonging in another country surrounded by people who seem to be only interested in your money is one of the most frustrating feelings I know. Being a traveler on the other hand is a fantastic feeling. That’s what insiders Experience is about: bringing you the best of a destination according to your centers of interests”

A taste of adventure

Feel the taste of Marrakech

A private access to a 1920s villa, a friend’s rooftop to enjoy the view from, a secret craft workshop, a tea break in a historical house or a detour on long-forgotten tracks, we thrive at pushing closed doors to create genuine travel experiences by vintage vehicles. 


Your journey is tailor-made according to your centers of interest and always off the beaten path. Spontaneous and independent, our insiders keep exploring on the way, so be on the lookout for a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Happy travel.