5 Incredible Tales from Casa Gyla Marrakech: A Historical Gem in Palmeraie

Casa Gyla Marrakech

Unveiling Casa Gyla Marrakech: Palmeraie’s Historical Gem

At the heart of Marrakech’s Palmeraie, Casa Gyla stands as an epitome of romance, architectural grandeur, and a deep-rooted history. When we sat down with Amine, the dedicated owner of the property, we knew we were about to unearth captivating tales.

Established as Dar Nakhil or “The House of the Palm Tree” in Arabic, this architectural marvel was envisioned by Jacqueline Foissac and her lover, the famed Spanish painter Alejandro Reino, back in 1968. Crafted as a secluded love nest, Casa Gyla Marrakech emerged during the nascent days of the Palmeraie when modern amenities like electricity were yet to be introduced.

The brilliance of Jacqueline Foissac, a pioneering interior designer, breathed life into Casa Gyla Marrakech. Her innovative approach reintroduced “pisé” — bricks derived from pressed mud — merging it harmoniously with modern architecture. Every nook and cranny of Casa Gyla , from the majestic 17th-century doors to the intricately designed pool, whispers tales of artistry and passion.

As time unfolded, Jacqueline and Alejandro’s love story met a crossroad. This was when Amine’s father, entranced by the charm of Casa Gyla Marrakech, decided to make it his sanctuary, preserving not only its structure but also its myriad memories. One of the most enigmatic remnants of the past is a safe, forever locked, a testament to Jacqueline’s heartache and her resolution to never return.

With a nod to modernity, Amine’s father collaborated with the renowned architect Bill Willis, the genius behind Saint Laurent’s abode, to enhance the grandeur of Casa Gyla . Willis’ master strokes can be witnessed in the revamped Hammam and the opulent living room.

For Amine, Casa Gyla Marrakech isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a treasure trove of childhood memories. Life’s adventures led him across the globe, but by June 2016, he was drawn back to Casa Gyla Marrakech, reigniting its charm and envisioning its future as a serene guesthouse.

For those eager to dive into tales etched in stone and time, Casa Gyla Marrakech awaits. And as you embark on this journey, Marrakech Insiders is your trusted guide, ensuring a trip through the city that resonates with love, art, and history.

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