Experience the Magic of Dar El Sadaka: Marrakech’s Most Unique Property

Discovering Dar El Sadaka is like stepping into an enchanted world that brings art and imagination to life. Meet Jean-François Fourtou, a French global traveler who has called Marrakech home for nearly two decades.

Meeting the Creative Genius: Jean-François Fourtou

Jean-François welcomes you with a cup of coffee to his one-of-a-kind “hive” villa in Marrakech. Built with a unique architectural flair, this residence serves as a testament to Fourtou’s creativity and his many years living in culturally rich locations like Spain.

The Wonderland of Dar El Sadaka in Marrakech’s Palmeraie

Spread over 11 hectares, Dar El Sadaka is Jean-François Fourtou’s universe of experiential art and architecture. From an upside-down house to a giant’s dwelling, this property defies the norm and invites guests to perceive the world differently.

A Unique Dining Experience

Tired of incessant curiosity about his unique homes, Jean-François, along with his friend and director Philippe Forestier, decided to open up the venue for immersive experiences. Imagine dining in front of the giant house with oversized dishes like turkeys replacing chickens and magnums replacing normal bottles. Even the fries are super-sized!

dar el sadaka

Magical Settings for Cocktails

Whether it’s a candle-lit cocktail under a tree or an avant-garde meal set on mirrored tables, the experiences here are designed to dazzle and surprise. They can even organize a monochrome meal or an upside-down cocktail party, adding to the whimsical vibe of the venue.

More than Just a Property

As you wander through Dar El Sadaka, you’ll encounter fantastical sights like a golf cart perched atop a 5-meter pole or larger-than-life insects that make you feel as if you’ve stumbled into a scene from a Lewis Carroll or Tim Burton creation.

dar el sadaka

Unlock the Magic of Dar El Sadaka

Dar El Sadaka is not just a property; it’s a piece of the original Marrakech, an art-filled oasis hidden in the heart of the city. To enter this amazing universe, all you need is the right key and a sense of wonder. Don’t forget to follow the white rabbit when you visit!

Feel free to contact us or to book a private ride to Dar El Sadaka.

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