Unlocking Marrakech: Dive into the 2 Gueliz Hidden Treasures

Embarking on a day trip in Marrakech, the city’s myriad attractions can be overwhelming. Marrakech, the “Ochre City,” envelops visitors in a tale of 1001 nights, flaunting its vibrant medina, intricate souks, and quaint eateries hidden amidst winding alleys. However, many overlook Gueliz, the century-old “new” district rich in Art Deco wonders.


At Marrakech Insiders, we aim to shine a light on these less-traveled paths.

Here are two must-visit spots in Gueliz:

The Koutoubia Hotel: Built in the 1930s near the iconic Palace Cinema, this establishment was once a premier luxury hotel in the city’s modern district. Its showcases a captivating blend of Arabic craftsmanship and Art Nouveau. Although a fire two decades ago forced its closure, the building’s facade, boasting of its historic garage entrance, remains an emblem of Gueliz’s architectural prowess.

Cite Fouque: This inconspicuous lane, connecting rue de Yougoslavie and rue Mohamed El Beqal, remains a preserved gem of the district. Marked by a quaint green wooden cabin crowned by a sprawling tree, it houses local artisans like Rachid, a shoemaker-locksmith.

Philippe, a long-time resident of Cite Fouque, shares anecdotes of bygone eras, like tales of Mrs. Gruyere (affectionately known as Farina). Her legacy, intertwined with the street’s history, is a testament to the ever-evolving narrative of this district.

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