Team building in marrakech

Elevate your team’s bond with Marrakech Insiders, the premier destination for exclusive sidecar tours in Marrakech. Our curated experiences redefine team-building, focusing on immersive adventures rather than mere services. With tailor-made offerings for premium groups of 2 to 70 people, we guarantee unforgettable moments that foster camaraderie, creativity, and collaboration.

Team Building services

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Medina sidecar photo safari

Embark on captivating sidecar photo safaris, where your team will capture the essence of Marrakech’s vibrant culture and iconic landmarks from a unique perspective.

Sidecar GPS drawing

Challenge your team’s ingenuity with our GPS letter-writing challenge. Guide your sidecar driver to shape letters and words on the map, creating a collaborative masterpiece that reflects your team’s spirit and unity.


Sidecar chauffeured quest

Head off to the desert or the mountains for an adventure going from 1 to 3 days off grid, solve clues to get to your arrival point. Culture, history, fun, hot air balloons and CSR are on the muenu.

But also

Secret meals

We have teamed up with one of Morocco’s most creative chefs to organize exclusive high end meals in private and secret spots around the city.

Marrakech International Film Festival

Meeting places

You’ll probably want to work too while in marrakech, we’ll find the most appropriate meeting venues for you and your team.


This is supposed to be the climax of your team building, we’ve got you covered and will be organize exclusive parties for you and your team they won’t forget anytime soon.