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15 Key Tips: Is Marrakech Safe for Travel? Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Worry-Free Vacation

Is Marrakech safe ? Heard horror stories of thefts and scams in Marrakech and now second-guessing your dream vacation plans? Worry no more. Marrakech is a vibrant, exotic destination that’s largely safe. Like any city, however, there are essential safety tips to follow. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list just for you.

is marrakech safe

General Safety Guidelines: Keep Your Belongings Secure

  1. Leave Luxury Items at Home: Your luxury watch and designer handbag could make you a target. They’re safest if left at home.
  2. Handle Electronics Carefully: Keep your camera slung over your shoulder and your phone off tables at cafés.
  3. Safeguard Important Documents: Make paper and digital copies of your passport, and store them in your hotel’s safe.
  4. Daily Budget: Carry only what you’ll need for the day, leaving the rest securely in your hotel.
  5. Safe Transactions: Use ATMs located within bank branches and store withdrawn money in inside pockets.
  6. Lost? Ask Wisely: If you’re lost, seek directions from shopkeepers and avoid following strangers.

Transportation and Activities: Navigate Like a Local

  1. Vehicle Safety: Don’t leave valuables in your car. Use parking attendants for secure parking, typically costing between 10 and 30MAD per day depending on the location.
  2. Taxi Tips: For airport rides, book your hotel’s shuttle or valet service in advance. If you must hail a taxi, look for “Taxis Verts” (ironically yellow), which use meters and charge a small service fee. Note that they won’t pick you up from the airport.
  3. Taxi Scarcity: Finding a taxi can be challenging during Ramadan ftour (6-7pm) and on rainy days.
  4. Safety Gear: For outdoor adventures like quad biking or buggy riding, helmets are usually provided.

Local Customs: Respect Goes a Long Way

  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Always accept a tea offer and remove your shoes when entering someone’s home.
  2. Appropriate Dress: Cover shoulders and knees in public.
  3. Drug Caution: Drug use can result in imprisonment.
  4. Alcohol: Consuming alcohol in public spaces is frowned upon.
  5. Photo Etiquette: Always ask for permission before taking pictures of people, especially women.

Final Thoughts: Is Marrakech safe ? So, Should You Go?

Marrakech is a fascinating and safe destination when you adhere to these guidelines. Ready to explore the city’s wonders? Our private, tailor-made sidecar tours can reveal the hidden gems and rich culture Marrakech has to offer.

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