Is Marrakech a safe destination?


Testimonies of thefts and scams in Marrakech make you doubt the truthfulness of the stories of idyllic holidays flooding on the internet? Is Marrakech really a safe city?

Don’t hesitate anymore, Marrakech is an exotic and 100% safe destination. However, as in any city in the world, there are a few basic safety rules we recommend to follow. We listed them out for you.




Two sidecars driving in between stone houses in the Atlas Mountains next to Marrakech







1/ Jewellery and precious objects stay at home. Your luxury watch or expensive handbag are objects that draw attention. They will be 100% safe if you leave them at home.


2/ Carry your camera equipment over your shoulder and don’t leave your mobile phone lying on a table in a coffee or restaurant.


3/ Make a paper and digital copy of your passport and leave it safe in the hotel safe box.


4/ Take only the amount of money you will need for the day and leave the rest in the hotel safe box.


5/ To withdraw money, choose an ATM installed inside a bank branch and put your money in your inside pockets.


6/ If you are lost, ask a shopkeeper for directions. Politely refuse to follow individuals who spontaneously accost you to help you find your way. Some have good intentions but others might get you even more lost and ask for a financial compensation.







7/ Don’t leave anything lying around in your car. To be safe, leave your car to a parking attendant (between 10 and 30MAD per day depending on the location). Some will offer to clean your windshield in exchange of a few extra coins.


8/ Taxis in Marrakech are a frequent questions for travelers. At the airport, book in advance the shuttle or valet service of your hotel or riad to save you from endless negotiations. The green taxis “Taxis Verts” (which are yellow in reality) is a company that allows you to order taxis. They put the meter on and add a small service charge (10MAD during the day – 20MAD in the evening). More informations and for bookings just call +212 5 24 40 94 94. NB: Green taxis will not pick you up at the airport.


9/ If you wish to hail a taxi in the street, just walk away from the big touristic points of the city (Majorelle, Jemma el Fnaa square…). Ask your driver to put the meter on before entering the taxi. If he refuses, politely decline and look for another taxi. NB: At the time of the ftour (6-7pm) during Ramadan and on rainy days, it is extremely difficult to find a taxi.


10/ For outdoor activities such as quad, buggy or sidecar rides, the providers will offer you helmets for the duration of the service.







11/ Be polite in all circumstances. Moroccans are very welcoming people and good manners are required. For example, you must always accept a cup of tea that is offered to you or take off your shoes before entering a house.


12/ Respect local customs and cover your shoulders and knees in all seasons.


13/ Beware! Drug use is strongly reprimanded. If you do not want to end up in jail, abstain.


14/ Alcohol cannot be consumed in public space without risking shocking the local population, which is predominantly Muslim. Be respectful.


15/ Out of respect, do not photograph people, especially women, without their consent.






Homme début sur un sidecar pointant un panneau Marrakech



Marrakech is therefore a 100% safe city if you follow these few simple rules.

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