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Discover Unparalleled Bliss at Latitude 31: A Gastronomic Masterpiece in Marrakech’s Medina

Latitude 31: a Moroccan gastronomic restaurant

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Marrakech is renowned for its rich history, vibrant streets, and now, for the culinary experience Latitude 31 offers.

In the bustling heart of Marrakech’s Medina, barely a stone’s throw from Bab Doukala, lies Latitude 31, a Moroccan gastronomic restaurant that’s creating a buzz amongst food lovers. As a trusted guide to the city, Marrakech Insiders is always on the hunt for the city’s finest offerings, and we were thrilled to stumble upon this gem.

The moment you step into Latitude 31, you’ll be swept into a world where traditional Moroccan heritage seamlessly blends with contemporary charm. Its discreet entrance is a prelude to the oasis that awaits within — a tranquil courtyard adorned with elegant cement tiles. As you take in the ambiance, the sounds of the Medina seem to fade, replaced by an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and exclusive.

Latitude 31

Your dining experience begins with a warm reception, reminiscent of meeting an old friend. Dive into their menu, and you’ll discover a fusion of traditional and modern. Latitude 31 showcases local dishes with a twist, and to the delight of many, a new vegetarian section graces the offerings. From contemporary Moroccan salads that sing of fresh local ingredients to the tantalizing Madarebale tajine, brimming with chicken, roasted tomatoes, and potatoes seasoned with honey and thyme — each dish promises a gastronomic journey.

But the pièce de résistance? Their duo of crème brulee, subtly infused with amlou and cardamom. Those seeking lighter fare can opt for the beef filet paired with fresh seasonal vegetables or the delectable spinach raviolis, filled with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, drizzled in a mushroom sauce sourced straight from the Atlas Mountains. Vegetarians, this one’s a treat for you! And let’s not forget the complimentary amuse bouche, an appetizer so delightful, it sets the tone for the culinary journey ahead.

With an ambiance that’s hard to match and dishes that resonate with both authenticity and innovation, an evening at Latitude 31 is truly an experience, offering value that surpasses the reasonable price tag of around 300 MAD for a three-course meal.

For now, Latitude 31 opens its doors only for dinner (except Sundays). But, rumor has it, this might soon change. Exciting times ahead!

Visit Latitude 31 at: 186, Rue El Gza Arset lhiri Bab Doukkala 40 000 Marrakech

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Latitude 31 Marrakech

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