How about a glass of beldi tea ?


If you’ve been in Marrakech, you’ve surely had a « nuss nuss » (half coffee, half milk) or a traditional mint tea in one of those little glasses with an interesting geometrical shape. And you were surely tempted with the idea of bringing some back home. Marrakech Insiders tells you everything about the beldi glass, and the first thing you need to know is that “beldi” means “local”.


Marrakech Insiders - Le verre Beldi


Produced in Morocco since the 1940’s, it is one of the most known pieces of Moroccan craft, and it almost disappeared. In June 2013, the last factory producing the beldi glasses went out of business. They had cumulated debt and were having a hard time fighting Chinese competition.

The machinery is then purchased by the Beldi group and relocated from Casablanca to Marrakech where they open a workshop in one of their destinations: the Beldi Country Club, a local boutique hotel.


Marrakech Insiders - Le verre Beldi


After having disappeared for about a year, the beldi glass is back in business and switches from targeting daily usage of locals to being a cool accessory for visitors to bring home as a souvenir.

Made out of recycled glass, the beldi glasses require a real know-how. The workshop can produce up to 8.000 pieces/day mainly sold in wholesale or for export. Original, unique and eco friendly, it is made out of recycled glass which is melted in an oven at 1.600 degrees until it forms an orange paste; the glass is then blown by men and cut by hand to take the shape of the glasses we know. The wasted parts go back in the oven while the glasses are still cooked for another three hours before being washed and sent to the storage department.

The new workshop has saved this piece of Moroccan culture and has also given it a second youth by creating new models with new shapes and colors. It can now be found in the shape of bowls, vases, salad bowls, candel holders, etc.

So if you want to make a short list of places to see in Marrakech, we recommend you check out the shop at the Beldi Country Club to buy your own stock and check out their other shops. We’re pretty sure you won’t leave empty handed!

Where to find Beldi glasses?

  • Showroom Beldi Country Club, km6, route du barrage, Cherifia
  • Souk des créateurs (below the terrasse des épices), Médina
  • The industrial district of Sidi Ghanem


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