Our Moroccan adventure with The Figaro Magazine!


As some of you may know, Insiders Experience started off in 2008 in Shanghai-China (where we still do great tours, look us up!) just as the Olympics were finishing up and as the city was getting ready for the 2010 World Expo.


Marrakech Insiders - Le Figaro Magazine - Moroccan adventure


Eric Martin, a French photographer who often contributes to Figaro Magazine, contacted us as he was doing a piece on the city and wanted to include our bikes. We had a great time together and this was the start of a very nice friendship. Eric has been back to China a few times and has always stayed in touch. In fall 2016, he reached out saying he was going to Beijing and asking if anyone from the team would be there. We told him that this was a negative but that we had started doing excursions from Marrakech in 2015 and would happily show him the Marrakech we fell in love with and that the media didn’t talk that much about.


Marrakech Insiders - Le Figaro Magazine - Moroccan adventure


Eric was in town just a few weeks later with Clara Geliot who is a journalist at Figaro Magazine too.


We had a ball! All the hotels we reached out to were very welcoming, may it be Scarabeo Camp, Kasbah Bab OUrika, Beldi Country Club or The Royal Mansour, we had the best welcome one could think of.


A special mention to Daniel Penet at Ciel d’Afrique with his hot air balloons who went the extra mile to make this happen too!


Marrakech Insiders - Le Figaro Magazine - Moroccan adventure


The beauty of Marrakech and Morocco is that we have it all within a couple of hours drive: an amazing medina, a thriving nightlife, Agafay Desert less than an hour outside the city, the Atlas Mountains where you can even ski, the ocean is just two hours drive away and the Sahara Desert can be reached in less than a day.

Our advice to you if you want to get to know Morocco: book a city tour or an expedition with us like the one in Figaro Magazine or even longer; or make sure you get lost on your trip: go left when everybody goes right and stop in places where no tourist attraction is to be found. This country is amazing at all levels and we hope we showed our love and passion in the pages of Figaro Magazine!


Here’s the article: The Figaro Magazine


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A few years ago, Rachel, born and raised in Switzerland, discovered by chance the ocher city. But what followed was in no way due to chance. Her curiosity was thoroughly aroused, she strove, in the course of her academic work, to reconstruct the puzzle of the architectural heritage of Gueliz. She went through tons of archives, interviewed the city's living memories and explored its sleepy nooks. Today, Rachel tells her stories on a shiny sidecar and published a book with Editions Sarrazines & Co retracing all her finds on the Gueliz.

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