Insiders x Aurélien Chauvaud


In August 2013, a good friend and a gifted Paris-based photographer, Aurélien Chauvaud came to Shanghai, China to visit us. The city was then boiling hot and Aurélien went out with us on a sidecar ride, for a different—and breezier—perspective on the city.


“I wanted to take images in Shanghai, but I had the feeling that everyone had already shot China through every possible angle. These sidecar riders made an interesting angle to allow me to take pictures in Shanghai that I felt hadn’t been seen yet,” Aurélien said on


During weeks, we looked for unusual places representing this vibrant metropolis torn between its fast-pace growth and its chaotic historical heritage. And we found many whether at the foot of a gigantic elevated highway, in the middle of a construction site or in the disappearing old town.


Insiders x Aurélien Chauvaud


Aurélien wanted to show a different Shanghai focusing on this intriguing subculture. Thus, he didn’t hesitate in taking shots of one of the driver who showed up wearing a SS uniform. Stupefied by this vision, Aurélien asked the guy about the meaning of such an attirail. Surprisingly, the rider didn’t know anything about the WW2 and the people who used to wear that kind of uniform.


Insiders experience - Insiders x Aurélien Chauvaud


You can find all his Shanghai Riders pictures on his website.