Slow Travel is an alternative way of travelling based on the idea of taking time to discover a new destination. Slow Travel leaves a great place to seredenpity and is also a great opportunity to become part of local life and to connect to a place and its people.

Our custom-made adventures are strictly private, adjusted to your preferences and your pace. We never combine guests into larger groups.

Traffic in Moroccan cities is often hectic and require some driving experience. Moreover, driving a sidecar is very different from a motorbike. Thus, we don’t offer a self-driving option on our city rides. You’ll be in better hands with an Insider driving for you. For a self-driving experience, enquire about our expeditions by visiting or by contacting us.

Our sidecar are insured for up to 2 passengers per vehicle no matter their age. One passenger behind the driver and one in the basket. If you are more than 2 passengers, just book extra sidecars to accommodate everyone.

With good guidebooks such a Le Guide du Routard or Lonely Planet, you should be able to visit all the main sites of Marrakech, discover nice restaurants and stores. With us, you’ll explore off the beaten path places you couldn’t go to without a knowledgable insider. We thrive at pushing closed doors, exploring rusty tracks and discovering long-forgotten architectural jewels. However, it’s your ride your way! If you would prefer a more mainstream ride, please let us know in the “Special Requests” box at the end of your online booking process.

Challenging us with a specific request is what we enjoy the most. All our rides are tailor-made according to your desires, just ask upstream so we can craft a memorable journey just for you. Please let us know in the “Special Requests” box at the end of your online booking process. A set of options is also available to spice up your ride.

Sun is very bright and rain is scarce in Morocco, so please wear long-sleeves and UV-protective sunglasses whatever the season. Wear comfortable shoes and pack suncream and your fully charged camera.

For a hassle-free experience, we start all our rides from Le Grand Café de la Poste in central Marrakech or we can come pick you up right at the door of your hotel in downtown Marrakech at a fee of 200 MAD per sidecar. To give a classy touch to your ride, we will drop you down anywhere in downtown Marrakech.

Our rides are all-inclusive. We want you to truly enjoy the ride right from the start and forget about logistics or unexpected situations.

Pick-up at Le Grand Café de la Poste in downtown Marrakech (For departures from the outside of Marrakech, please contact us for a customize estimate), sidecar rental driven by an insider, helmets for adults and for kids, bodily injury insurance, site entries, sun cream and bottles of water are included. For the Atlas Ride and the Desert Ride, a traditional lunch is included. Alcohol, tips and personnal shipping are not included.

Please note that the use of helmets is compulsory by law and should always be respected. Disposable cap will be provided for each customer. Our helmets are kept in perfect condition, cleaned and disinfected after every ride.

We do offer a few options to spice your ride up.

º A photo report with a pro following you during the ride ensures you to get a set of at least 20 beautiful HD images from your adventure (see here our portfolio).

º GoPro cameras and accessories are at your disposal to capture the best moments. We will edit a 2 minutes film and send it to you by email. (see an example here)

º An astonishing view with a glass of French champagne will definitely make the difference. Our bottle of 375mL are recommended for two full pours and go at 600 MAD.

º Our insiders selected, tested and approved local souvenirs as well as tokens from your sidecar ride. We would like to keep it a surprise for you to enjoy but as a hint, our souvenir box is offered in a beautiful custom made totebag.

None of them works for you? Just drop us a line and we will do our best to fit your request.

To write a review about your ride, go on our TripAdvisor page and sign in/log in. Fill in the Write a Review form and Certify that your review is based on a genuine travel experience by selecting the check box, then press the Submit your review button. You can also leave a review on our Facebook Page and post colorful pictures of your ride on Instagram with @insidersexperience.

Tipping is always optional. But if you had a great time and want to thank your insider, gratuities are very much appreciated.


Our rates are per sidecar which can accommodate up to two passengers whatever their age. Thus, we can’t offer discounts for kids. For groups above 10 people, please contact us for a discount.

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Gift vouchers are usually sent by email. You can choose to print them yourself or to collect it printed by us during one of your trips to Marrakech.

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To receive a booking confirmation, it may take up to 24 hours in high season.
If you shall need to cancel your booking before receiving the booking confirmation, we refund you with 100% of the fee.
º If you cancel by writing at least 5 weeks prior to the ride, you will get a 90% refund.
º If you cancel by writing 48 hours prior to the ride, you will get a 50% refund.
º If you cancel less 48 hours before meeting time, no refund will be granted. Please check the cancellation policy (Link 28) in case of heavy rain.

In happens rarely in Marrakech, but heavy rain still falls. Usually, we just wait a few minutes and the sun comes back even brighter. If you decide not to start the ride, Insiders shall refund you with 100% of the service fee, even without any notice. However, if your ride has already begun, you’ll be charged 100% of the service fee.


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