Meet Felix, our Marrakech Chief’s insiders


Insiders Experience’s greatest asset is its people, this is why the company was named after them! According to google, an insider is “la” and we tend to agree with that: our insiders know the city inside out and are all about sharing their love of the destination.


We sat down with Felix Mathivet, he is Marrakech Insiders’ chief Insider and has been part of the adventure since 2011. He first joined Insiders in China, got some training in Shanghai and was sent to open the Xi’an insiders office in central China, he then moved to Southern China with his wife Panda to open Guilin insiders in partnership with Club Med. He makes discover beautiful Marrakech everyday but we got him to tell us a few from him for you today:



When and why did you relocate to Morocco?


I’ve been here close to 2 years now. Marrakech was always a dream for me so when the opportunity came up to come and set up sidecar tours here I jumped on it, and have been loving every minute.



What’s your story with sidecars?


I first fell in love with sidecars in China. One day I saw a ll and immediately made it my mission to acquire one. They’re great for everything from safaris to shopping, but mostly the advantage for me is that I can share the biking experience with my family.



What comparison can you make between China and Morocco?


Many! One of the first things I liked was how similar their love for kids is here; in France bringing kids to a restaurant is almost rude but here or in China you’re greeted with open arms!



What do you like the most about Marrakech?


Hard to pick one thing when there’s so much to like, so here are a few in no particular order: the light, the variety of landscapes in a 50km radius, the call to prayer, spices, vintage cars and bikes, the feeling of being welcome when you talk to people.



What are the places you like exploring?


The Atlas Mountains. Right in our back garden, the biggest playground in North Africa with snowy peaks, desert canyons and history that predates European civilization.



What were the places you discovered by luck?


A 16th century Coranic school in a little town outside Marrakech. It’s no longer used as a school, but the building is still inhabited by the descendants of the saint that founded it over 400 years ago. I was admiring the building whilst driving by one day, and got invited in for tea by the owner, who then told me all about the building’s history.



Your best Marrakech anecdote?


Beware of djinns, the supernatural beings that inhabit the spirit world. A lot of local superstitions revolve around djinns and how to stay away from them. They live underground and must not be angered, so never pour boiling water down the drain. Also beware of cats as djinns like to come up into the world of humans and usually take the form of a cat.




Want to meet the guy, this isn’t too hard, all you need to do is book a ride and ask to have Felix as your insider.



Back in 2016, we invited the people at in Morocco to shoot a portrait of Felix, they even went the extra miles and composed the music of the video without having been asked to!



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A few years ago, Rachel, born and raised in Switzerland, discovered by chance the ocher city. But what followed was in no way due to chance. Her curiosity was thoroughly aroused, she strove, in the course of her academic work, to reconstruct the puzzle of the architectural heritage of Gueliz. She went through tons of archives, interviewed the city's living memories and explored its sleepy nooks. Today, Rachel tells her stories on a shiny sidecar and published a book with Editions Sarrazines & Co retracing all her finds on the Gueliz.