5 top shops to get dressed in Marrakech


If you’re looking for things to do in Marrakech, you’ve come to the right place ! At Marrakech Insiders, we ride with style and this is why our fashion expert has decided to share with you five of her favorite spots to go shopping in Marrakech. Reinvented moroccan clothes, almost hipster or very old school, we cover all tastes in this article. Follow your insider.

1. Kaftan Queen

A moroccan brand which will make you want to come back for more ! Located in the heart of Gueliz’s neighborhood in a small street which also has art galleries and other designers, Kaftan Queen offers a collection of kaftans and tunics with modern and occidental influences as well as a line of clothes boho-chic with a moroccan touch. 90% of what you will see is created directly in the workshop in the basement of the shop you’re standing in. If your size is not available, no worries, the designer Sara will create a tailor made piece at no extra charge. Kaftan Queen also has a collection for kids and a selection of accessories to go with your purchases. (Kaftan dress from 900MAD)

61 Rue Yougoslavie, 39-41 Passage Ghandouri, Gueliz, Marrakech. 


Marrakech Insiders - Kaftan Queen - 5 top shops


2. Hanout

Located in the heart of the medina, Hanout stands out just by its name already (« grocery » in arabic) but also and especially with its unique atmosphere. Broidery, layers of colors, original cuts and ancestral techniques are used and reinvented with style by the owner, Meriem, and her team of talented craftsmen. From the uber chic silk kaftan to the cotton and wool jacket with ethnic prints, every piece is unique and can be tailor-made according to your fantasy ! (Jacket from 1700MAD)

194 Rue Mouassine, Médina, Marrakechwww.hanoutboutique.com


3. Max & Jan

Resulting from the meeting of two men, one swiss and one belgian, Max & Jan aims at showcasing the work of young creators and giving an international exposure to local designers. They sell mainly handmade products influenced by a mix of moroccan bohemian chic and a french or italian touch. We had a thing for their jewelry and accessories line with a strong ethnic feel. Their 2017 collection has it all, a free and romantic style where black Africa is put forward with gorgeous prints. Max & Jan have five shops in Morocco, two of which are in Marrakech, one in the medina and one in the Hivernage neighborhood. (A pair of shorts from 350MAD)

Palais Imperial, Rue Harroun Errachid Hivernage, Marrakech. 

14 Rue Amsefah, Sidi Abdelaziz, Médina, Marrakech. www.maxandjan.ma


4. Le Dressing de Stella

A boheme chic showroom located in the industrial area of Marrakech, Sidi Ghanem, Le Dressing de Stella sells tunics, day and evening dresses, purses, jackets, etc. You’re pretty sure to find something which matches your taste at Stella’s, may it be famous brands, usually at a low price, but also creations form young local stylists, mainly for jewelry and accessories. Le dressing de Stella is a chic version of your grandmother’s dowry, and we mean this in a nice way ! (Wool cape coat from 1,500MAD)

N° 220, Sidi Ghanem, Marrakech. www.facebook.com/stellahmarrakech


5. Warda la Mouche

Being all about lifestyle, Warda La Mouche offers beldi (local) chic creations, inspired by the medina and its atmosphere, as well as by a french touch combining elegance and modernity. What matters to them is that everything they sell should be worn on a daily basis, easy to maintain and of great quality. Tunics, dresses, scarfs, babouches and accessories, each piece is made in a very limited edition. A special mention for the vintage fabrics which are worked the old way, as a wink to the tradition of the country and its multiple faces.

127, rue Kennaria, medina, Marrakech.


We also love Norya Ayron or Topolina for their colorful patterns to be find in the medina or in the industrial district of Sidi Ghanem and Atika in Gueliz, for its quality leather shoes.


Marrakech Insiders - Shopping - 5 top shops


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A few years ago, Rachel, born and raised in Switzerland, discovered by chance the ocher city. But what followed was in no way due to chance. Her curiosity was thoroughly aroused, she strove, in the course of her academic work, to reconstruct the puzzle of the architectural heritage of Gueliz. She went through tons of archives, interviewed the city's living memories and explored its sleepy nooks. Today, Rachel tells her stories on a shiny sidecar and published a book with Editions Sarrazines & Co retracing all her finds on the Gueliz.